Privacy Policy

The is the latest website which highlights and informs both men and women about the latest hairstyles, fashion trends, and beauty tips. Moreover, they can also buy certain products from our website too. The prime objective of this website is to ensure the user a completely secure and safe environment and that the security of the user’s overall data will be their utmost priority.

The personal privacy of the users is very important for us and we take it quite seriously. We respect your privacy and don’t collect your personal information until you provide it to us. The personal information is collected to guarantees the user that you would be able to access various advanced features and services offered by our websites.

If the user provides their personal information so, they are permitting the website to use that information for certain specific purposes. The users while visiting our website will sign-up or register by providing their name, email address, and contact number. This basic information is collected for several reasons.

  • To improve our personal experience by responding to your needs in a better-organized
  • To improve the working quality of our website by obtaining your feedback.
  • To send you emails about our new products, features, services, and up gradation.
  • To develop and improve our customer service.
  • To poll a survey for improving website services.

Our vision is to protect your personal information by using advanced features. In this regard, we apply certain security measures to ensure the safety of your personal information.

Google AdSense and the DoubleClick Dart Cookie:

The allows Google to display various text, videos, images, and advertisement on their website which are relevant to their content. The basic purpose of these ads and other stuff is to earn money from the website.

The user then visits the website every time come across these ads and stuff which are related to their content they are in search of and by clicking these ads and stuff they are actually causing the owner of to earn almost 70% of the money. Any owner of the website can use Google AdSense and earn money online.

Whenever a user visits a website and views these ads so the cookie tracks all the activity of the user which can also harm the user’s private information. Therefore, in this regard, the offers the advanced feature of DoubleClick Dart Cookie.

A user by opting out from receiving the DoubleClick Dart Cookie can assure you opt-out status and doesn’t track your activity further. This also assures that your data isn’t in the record and has been deleted.

The users are requested to ensure the safety of their personal information and data by visiting Google ad and content network privacy policy by visiting the following link

Apart from Google ads, there are other third party who pops up various ads on your website. They also have cookies and track the user’s activity record. is not responsible for if you view those ads. Those cookies are out of the reach and control and have their own privacy terms and condition.

Third Party Website Links:

The third parties are allowed to show different ads on our website and may track your activity by collecting your information. is not responsible if you access to these third party links. These websites are out of our control.

Therefore, we are not responsible if you visit any of the third party links. To provide a safe and secure environment for the user we request you to view the privacy policy of the third party links which might be different from our website’s policy.

Collection of Personal Information:

All websites collect user’s personal information for advertising purposes. The website keeps an eye on all your activity and notices which kind of stuff you’ve searched. They then make a profile of such stuff and whenever you are using the site the related ads pope up based on the stuff and items you have searched. also collects user’s information through browsing their history. The IP address used to access will save your email address, date and time of access. Through different Cookies, you will be shown different ads related to fashion.

The cookies have the ability to get stored on your computer and track the user’s details. In this way, will receive all the relevant information regarding the user directly through their computers. But respects user’s privacy and as mentioned above it is up to the user to provide their personal information or not. If the user doesn’t want the website to track their information they can simply change their browser setting and can opt to reject the tracking cookies.

Online Privacy Policy Only:

Our website assures the user that our privacy policy is only valid for your online activities. If the user is offline or visits our website via different channels so, the website is not responsible for any of your activity and information collected and shared by any other source.

Changes to this privacy statement:

This privacy policy can only function for a certain time period. The website has the rights to make any changes in this policy.


By using our website, you are agreeing to our terms and privacy policy.

If you have a query regarding the privacy policy of our website you are free to contact us through our contact page.

Copy Right:

All the products, images, and videos available at different internet forums and social media networking sites legally belong to To avoid any sort of scams and cheats we add a special barcode and source of information below our products, images, and videos.

If you witness any of the above-stated things without our special barcode and source of information so you are free to contact us and avoid buying those products. We will be thankful to you and will quickly handle the matter. Please note while complaints regarding any issue of copyright kindly;

  • Provide your name, email address, and contact number so we can easily contact you.
  • Give us the exact description of copyright and if possible to provide us the URL address of the copyrighted site.
  • A statement to assure that the information you’ve provided or share is original and is not a prank or a trick.
  • Your electronic signature for further investigation and proceedings.

Please note that violation of copyrights may lead to breaking the rule and policy of the website and in extreme cases it may lead to severe punishment.